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Butterfly babies A,B,C,D & E. Amelia named "A" Angelina so "B" had to be Brad Pitt. Ted named "C" Cool Man and "D" Doug E. Fresh. They both agreed "E" should be Ellen (DeGeneres)


Preschool Graduation

Preschool Graduates

Grad Ted Grad Amelia1

The ceremony included the kids dancing in hula skirts on surf boards to Wipe Out! Then did a little presentation to the song "I'm me & You're You" Then changed into their caps & gowns to accept their diplomas and ended with a photo slide show. Very cute!

This video is a quick one of their teacher calling their names to come accept their diplomas.

Amelia's sold out performance

Amelia woke up very excited for her performance but kept asking for Bido. Karah gave her lots of advice and helped her practice and covered her in glitter. Amelia showed her how she posed for her photo.
Amelia & Karah pose Amelia & Maggie
I volunteered to work back stage so that someone else could use my ticket. I was disappointed at first that I would miss the show but once back there I realized that this was a special memory that I’m glad I was able to share with her. I love this picture of her with her arms around her friends.
Sonnie Amelia Rose Molly Warming up

Amelia’s class was first to perform, “Cinderella’s Bippity Boppity Boo”. We lined up the girls from shortest to tallest and by the time they got on stage they had rearranged themselves. I was able to watch from the side. She is the second one from the right.

Walking off stage Amelia grabbed two of the other girls’ hands and shouted “That was so awesome!!”
Back in the waiting area 6 of the 12 girls were in other dances so once they were dressed and passed along I was left in charge of the remaining 6 girls. There was little there to keep them busy. The snacks were gone before we got back from stage and the coloring pages were all used in the first 15 minutes. Keeping them entertained for an hour was a challenge and I found myself constantly counting my 6 blue charges.

The finale was crazy. The stage was full and my little star was able to make her way to the front. I heard her brother scream out “Hi Yaya!” and she was trying hard to find him through the bright lights.
finale 2 Finale 4
Working backstage had another advantage. Once the finale was over I grabbed my tot and was out the door. I avoided the endless line of Mothers checking-out their dancers. Then we met up with everyone else.
Amelia & Grammy Amelia & Papa Amelia & Daddy

Mourning Doves

April 24, 2009
Mourning Doves have moved into the nest the Robins made a couple years ago and laid two eggs.
Mourning Dove Mourning Dove twin eggs

Not sure when the babies hatched but you can see two moving under Mom and an eye peeking through.
baby bird peeking
Finally got to see the twin baby birds. One is more out spoken then the other so they named her Amelia and the one hidden behind is Theodore.
twin mourning doves


Happy Mother's Day

Amelia & Theodore painted plates for me at school
Amelia MDay plate Ted MDay plate


Theodore wanted to buy a toy so we counted out some money from his piggy bank & placed it in a baggie. He told me to keep it in my purse for safe keeping.

He chose his toy and we started walking to the register when he asked for his money. I told him I'll give it to him when we check out. He stopped walking, stomped his foot and shouted - and I mean SHOUTED.



School Pictures

The twins had their first school photos:
Class Twins

Theodore full Amelia full

They send you home with 50 sheets of photos. Pick the ones you like, pay for them and return the others. Yeah right... They're all adorable. Amelia even told me so herself.


Amelia's drawing

Amelia drew this great picture today.
Amelias drawing
This is Amelia with curly hair. Karah in a Larry Boy shirt and their cat, Lois Lane


Tonsils & Adenoids

Ted has his tonsils & adenoids removed Saturday morning. His adenoids were growing inward and into the eustachian tube. He was admitted after the surgery for observation because he had a difficult time breathing after coming out of anesthesia.

He was a trooper. Once he was moved out of the cage into a big bed he was happier. Especially once the nurse showed him how to operate the controls.

in hospital bed bed controls

He is home and almost back to his normal self. His voice sounds different :( He is feeling better and this will hopefully put a stop to the chronic ear infections and hearing loss.

Amelia asked if they were still twins now that she has her tonsils but he doesn't.

Walkie-Talkie Conversation

The twins found their walkie-talkies last night. I explained how they need to say "Over" after they talk.

A: Hi Bido! Over
T: Hi YaYa! Over
A: I love you Bido! Over
T: I love you too - so much - Yaya! over
A: I love you Bawk Bawk Head....(long pause)...over
T: I love you too Chicken Butt! Over


My childhood home is for sale

My parents have been preparing for this for years. Last week they purchased a great new place just about a mile from my house. I’m really excited to have them so close. The twins would like them even closer :) They’ll be able to be a much more active part in their lives and when the time comes when they need my help more then I need theirs I will be just down the road.

So, here it is. Seeing it on the market brings on a few tears and loads of memories.
My childhood home
That little window above the front door was my room. I had a little alcove, which sometimes held my bed, my doll house, or just a bunch of stuff I shoved in there so my room would appear clean.
I tried to convince my parents to have it moved but it really isn’t an ideal home for a pair of empty-nesters. I hope a nice young family will take interest and love it as much as we have.

My little Chickdees

I have a great big window in my office. I hung a birdfeeder on the tree. I have 3 little chickadees that come visit & entertain me all day long.

office window chickadee2

A cottontail bunny lives at the bottom of this tree
Rabbits home rabbit @ work


Bido the Builder

Theodore received a build-a-truck from my Uncle for Christmas. While building it he sings his name in the "Bob the Builder" theme song. Too cute!


Bucknam Christmas

Scott's family Christmas was up in Traverse City at his brother's house. Family Christmas Steph Emily Jeff

We stayed at my Aunt Anita's on Mission Point.
AA blow up bed


The girls & I spread some Christmas cheer this evening with stockings of gifts to a few neighbors. I found a Christmas poem similar to the Halloween ghosting.

elfing elfing

Santa for President

Amelia just said that one day Santa might be president.  Raise your hand if you'd vote for Santa she shouted. 


Linden Winter Happenings

We bundled up and headed out to the parade this morning
LInden WH kids Linden Winter parade

Then went to visit with Santa
Linden santa Ted Linden Santa Amelia Linden Santa Karah Linden Santa Spence

LIghtsaber fight

Spencer got a lightsaber game for wii for his birthday. Shhhh.... Don't tell him that the twins played with it last night :-)

lightsaber game