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Amelia's sold out performance

Amelia woke up very excited for her performance but kept asking for Bido. Karah gave her lots of advice and helped her practice and covered her in glitter. Amelia showed her how she posed for her photo.
Amelia & Karah pose Amelia & Maggie
I volunteered to work back stage so that someone else could use my ticket. I was disappointed at first that I would miss the show but once back there I realized that this was a special memory that I’m glad I was able to share with her. I love this picture of her with her arms around her friends.
Sonnie Amelia Rose Molly Warming up

Amelia’s class was first to perform, “Cinderella’s Bippity Boppity Boo”. We lined up the girls from shortest to tallest and by the time they got on stage they had rearranged themselves. I was able to watch from the side. She is the second one from the right.

Walking off stage Amelia grabbed two of the other girls’ hands and shouted “That was so awesome!!”
Back in the waiting area 6 of the 12 girls were in other dances so once they were dressed and passed along I was left in charge of the remaining 6 girls. There was little there to keep them busy. The snacks were gone before we got back from stage and the coloring pages were all used in the first 15 minutes. Keeping them entertained for an hour was a challenge and I found myself constantly counting my 6 blue charges.

The finale was crazy. The stage was full and my little star was able to make her way to the front. I heard her brother scream out “Hi Yaya!” and she was trying hard to find him through the bright lights.
finale 2 Finale 4
Working backstage had another advantage. Once the finale was over I grabbed my tot and was out the door. I avoided the endless line of Mothers checking-out their dancers. Then we met up with everyone else.
Amelia & Grammy Amelia & Papa Amelia & Daddy


May. 17th, 2009 04:29 pm (UTC)
Absolutely Adorable!
Your kids are just beautiful!