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Only she who sticks out her neck can make progress

Hoping my two little ones will follow my lead

22 September 1975


I am a mother of incredible toddling twins, post 2004 most of my JL entries are about them. I was remarried to a wonderful, responsible, kind and a great provider in Jamaica last February. He has a pair of amazing children and the six of us fit together like a mix of your favorite sodas in one 6-pack. We have a lovable, loyal and crazy lab named Maggie. The newest member of our family is a snuggly fat cat we call Lois Lane. I am a pediatric audiologist & love my job but have recently changed offices to work part time. This along with my husband's support allows me more time with the little people I worked so hard create and lost so much in the process. I'm slowly working on my doctorate degree - 2010 is the date we'll be traveling to Arizona for my graduation. My home is a work in progress & it's almost always a mess. I’m happy and have a supportive family and a wonderful group of friends. Thank you!


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Theodore & Amelia

I'll love you forever,

I'll like you for always,

As long as I'm living

my babies you'll be.
18-months Amelia horse 18-months Ted car