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Karate Graduation

Amelia, Theodore & Devin graduated from Little Ninja class
Karate grad A
Karate grad T


Spencer's 9th Birthday at Great Wolf Lodge

We picked the big kids up from school and headed south or Sandusky, Ohio Great Wolf Lodge. It wasn't until we pulled into the parking lot that Spencer realized that we weren't going home.
Spencer bday bank GWL bear

Karah brok her wrist falling off a trampoline the other day so she couldn't go swimming. But she was a good sport. She will have to wear a cast for about 6 weeks
GWL  KA thumbs up

Happy Halloween

Amelia was dressed as Larry the Cucumber & Theodore as Bumblebee Transformer.
TOT in downtown Linden

My parents came over during the day and we went Trick-or-treating in town and then handed out treats before heading out ourselves.
Handing out water & candy On our way

Uncle Steve & Aunt Stephanie came by with a pinata
Aunt Steph Uncle Steve Pinata twins

Halloween at Toledo Zoo

We went to the Toledo zoo's Halloween weekend. They had trick-or-treating stations, a magic show and games. The only animal we couldn't see were the gorillas and other monkeys because they don't like costumes.
Zoo turtles.

We ran into this family with a little Optimus Prime. He and Theodore were fasinated with eachother.
Bumblebee meets OP

Carving Pumpkins

Our local grocery store, VG's, gives children a free pumpkin if they color a picture. We turned in our picture and the kids each picked out their pumpkin. Amelia's is carved like Larry Boy, Ted's is the Transformer sign, and Spencer & Karah each carved their own.
Pumpkin Amelia Pumpkin Ted Pumpkin Karah Pumpkin Spencer

Happy 4th Birthday!

The twins woke up to the blow-up cake in the livingroom and new bicycles
Amelias new bike Teds new bike

bike riding

Fall Sale

The Mom's of Multiple sale was a little slower then usual this year. But I did well and came home with a lot less then I went with.
MOM sale 1

Getting ready for sale
spring sale tagging

4th Birthday Party

We celebrated the twins birthday at Fenton Bowling ally.

twinscake twinsbowlingramp

ameliaalex tedballoons

Pumpkins, firetrucks & bounce house

We went to an open house at the fire department today
kids on firetruck Ted driving truck

Then went to Michael's to decorate a pumpkin
makingpumpkins pumpkins

Squirrels in my pants

We love "Phineas and Ferb" & watch it each night. I laughed so hard at this song. The kids ask me to rewind it and play it again and again. How cool is it that we can pause and rewind TV? :-)

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

I won 4 rink side tickets to Disney on Ice October 2nd. We also get to go back stage and meet all the characters. The twins are going to have sooooo much fun!!

Tiger's game

bb park
Originally uploaded by Tabologist.

Sunday we went to the Tiger's game. We had pretty good seats behind home base. It was so hot that wwe could only sit through a couple innings at a time before having to cool off. We rode the Tiger merry-go-round and baseball Ferris Wheel. After the game the kid ran the bases which was really cool.

Amelia's Tomato

Amelia's Tomato
Originally uploaded by Tabologist.

Amelia & Theodore both had tomato plans on the porch. This is our only tomato.

Clover Beach

We've spent quite a bit of time at the local beach this summer.
It's small and the sand is more like fdrt but it's never crowded and only 1.2 miles away from our house

clover beach


Big Kid CarSeats

big kid carseats

Look who graduated to boosters.


Do you know your mayor's name?

I didn’t know mine but now I do – and knowing is half the battle.
FYI: David Lossing is the Mayor of Linden, Michigan.

Last night a man came to our door asking for Scott. Thinking it was a friend of his I told him he was golfing and should be home in about an hour. He tells me his name and shakes my hand. I replied with a Nice to meet you and we stand in silence for a few seconds before he clarifies that he is the city’s mayor.

Scott called earlier in the week to complain about the new No Parking signs installed on both sides of our newly paved street. Now that there is no parking allowed on the street people have been parking over the sidewalk. Sidewalks we paid a lot of money to have installed.

Mr. Lossing explains that it’s for safety of the children who dart out into the street to cars can better see them. He will let the police know to cruise the area checking for cars parked over the sidewalk and make sure the community is better informed. When I asked where people would park when coming to our yearly Summer Happenings, he started listing all the public parking spaces. I didn’t want to sound like I was attacking him but it sounded like half of the mentioned areas are blocked for the festival.

So nothing changed by Scott’s call except I was assured that when I had guests over for a party they would not be ticketed for parking in the street.

Mario Cart

Anyone else play Mario Kart on wii? If you'd like to play online sometime here is my code

3222 6953 5358 5370 1886 1179

I also need to add your code on my wii so respond here with your code or email me Tabithaf13@sbcglobal.net

new bathroom

new bathroom
Originally uploaded by Tabologist.

We have a tub again and the whole bathroom turned out awesome

Professional Pictures

I took the kids to JCPenny for our photographs last week. Very stressful sesson and I left unhappy with the photos. Here are a few
Group T&A
At one of our visits with our Obstetrician he asked when names we picked for the twins. “T and A” he laughed. I hadn’t put any thought into what their combined initials would be. But actually it’s A & T, which brings a much less suggestive image of a telephone to people’s minds.
Amelia Ted standing


Indian names

This silliness was started by their father years before they were born and continues on...

Conversation at dinner tonght.

Ted asked for more bread after "dropping" it into Maggie mouth - again. 
I told him he has to eat more meat before the dropper-of-the-bread may have more bread.
Amelia:  Ted's Indian name is dropper-of-the-bread.  hahahahaha

a little later...

Amelia:  I am a little Mommy.  I want to be her when I get bigger.
Scott:  What does Mommy do?
Amelia:  She looks in people's ears
Scott:  She is an Audiologist.
Amelia:  Yep.  That is her Indian name.  

Get a workout while you walk

 I CAN NOT believe that I spent $45 on a pair of flip flops!!! I got caught up in the Crocs hype with my kids and didn’t squint at spending that kind of money on their developing feet. But I can’t spend that kind of money on myself – especially on something I can’t wear to work.   After my garage sale Maggie & I walked up to the local Spa and I purchased a black pair.  Even with my discount I got buyer's remorse on the walk home. C'mon! They're flip flops! Forty-five dollars??!!?!?! I don't even like flip flops! I can't stand the little thingy between my toes. But after wearing them all week on vacation I don’t even like walking around the house without them.  I haven’t suffered from the severe restless leg syndrome that I usually do and that is enough to justify the cost for me.  I have yet to really discover whether they claim to shape my legs (let's be honest, no shoe can shape these legs!), but I will say this...they are cuter and more comfortable than I ever expected and I feel like a cool trendy mom wearing them. 
Poll #1205483 Professional Photograph

Which photgraph would you thin would look best in advertisements or letters?

tfb pic 2
TFB pic 1
TFB pic 4
TFB pic 3

Teddy's first fish

Teddy's first fish
Originally uploaded by Tabologist
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Things my kids said today

Getting ice cream this evening I ask the girl to give them just a little.
Is this too much? she asks
It's OK, I said and handed it to Amelia.
I want too much too! Theodore shouts.

While changing, my sweet daughter walks up and points at my bare hips and announced that Mommy has stripes just like a zebra.
Thanks for noticing. Those stripes were a gift from you & your brother!! :-)
My days off have been pretty busy. We spent the morning doing some shopping. Then after "little rest" we walked up to the mill pond this afternoon for a quick fisihing trip. Ted caught two and Amelia caught one. Mommy had a difficult time taking the fish off the hook - but all three swam away :-)
Ted's fish Amelia's fish

Then we headed over to visit with Alex